21Key Strategic Insights for 2021

From property management to investment management to student housing, our planning guide will walk you through our top strategies for outperforming in European multifamily during the Year of Variability.

1Property Management:
Embracing Change

Multifamily owners and operators across Europe are facing unprecedented market conditions and operational challenges head-on by leaning into the new virtual reality, shifting revenue strategies, and focusing on cost-effective, sustainable amenities that drive yield and differentiate properties in a competitive, engagement-driven rental market.

2Investment Management:
Investing in Data

Data takes center stage for all stakeholders as market adjustments and economic recovery efforts demand more agility, accuracy, accessibility and accountability in multifamily decision making. Delivering customised, actionable information with streamlined processes empowers your business team to speed response, increase returns and reduce risk without losing your competitive edge.

3Student: Elevating
Higher Education Housing

Returning to a “new normal” on and off campus is shifting the student housing experience towards more safety, convenience, choice and flexibility. Seizing opportunities for mixed-space development, smart building technology and personalised booking journeys is the key to driving higher occupancy with diversified revenue streams plus greater efficiencies.